Delphine Verleene             Singer, indian harmonium

Cyrille Aubert                   Guitars (6 and 12 strings), backing

Maëlise Parisot                  Cello, backing

The Red Folks band  welds  folk-rock with bluegrass and celtic roots in their talented music and songs.  The  three string musicians (who  play guitar, cello, double bass, violin, or banjo) ideally accompany the attractive, spellbinding voice of  Delphine.

Their diverse, lively album,  so close to  American folk-rock music and  Irish traditional tunes,  is reminiscent of Nick Drake’s, Loreena Mc Kennitt’s or Damien Rice's.types of sonority.

All these  qualities have combined to  put The Red Folks  at the top  of the year's best folk playlist ! The Red Folks is THE band you should discover if you feel a sudden urge to go  on a musical trip over to  the American, English or  Irish coasts.

These skilled artists, with their varied backgrounds, bring  their experiences and personal influences together  to combine  and create an authentic musical identity of their own.

On stage, this successful blend is an invitation to go back into the past and  change scenery ; it smells of the sea, beer and Irish coffee !

With her catchy melodies and delicate ballads, interspersed with string solos, Delphine's  sensitive voice makes enthralling  music. Instruments and voices  mingle and  complement each  other, thus emphasizing or softening  the singer’s voice